Video has become very popular, and I’m not just talking about those funny pet videos on facebook.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, video has the impact of 1.8 million words. In fact, the advertising research industry has come up with some fascinating numbers that show how the impact of video has grown, which are summarized here on Video Brewery.

Think about it for your own usage.  If you are seeking directions on how to do something, whether it’s making meringue or using a new video application, are you more likely to look for written or video directions? I hate to admit it, but I usually look for video directions because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Video done well can be an amazing tool, whether it’s for a product, an event or a service, because it combines the power of most forms of human communication through the use of one vehicle. At present, it’s the closest thing we have to sharing an experience, because, when done well, we can almost bring the viewer into the experience with us.

Eight Tips for successful video:

  1. The Key to Success is planning! Plan your project in advance. Some questions to think about in advance include: who will you have speak, what do you want to ask your interviewees so you have the right content, where do you want to shoot, what camera(s) and mic(s) do you want to use, what b-roll should you get?
  2. Don’t make it all promotional – Videos that are strictly promotional don’t engage the  audience. Find another way to promote your company product or service that uses humor, a story, an experience and/or creativity to do “stealth promotion.”
  3. Use a powerful intro – You have only 10 seconds or less to engage your viewers so plan a strong intro.
  4. Be sure your video has great sound quality – One of the fastest ways to turn your audience off is to have poor sound quality.  On-board camera mics seldom provide superior sound, so chances are you’ll need a lavalier mic, a zoom mic or a shotgun mic to ensure good sound quality.
  5. If you’re using your video online, keep it short – Most engaged online viewers will watch only 2 to 3 minutes, so leave them wanting more.
  6. The quality of the video is not dependent on the price of the camera – You can do great video these days without investing thousands in a camera. Entire movies have been made on smart phones. It’s all in knowing how to identify what you want to do, planning it in advance, problem solving onsite, and knowing how to use the equipment you have.
  7. Tell your audience where to find more  info – Be sure to include a url to indicate how your viewers can find more information.
  8. Think beyond youtube – Think about sharing your video by embedding it on your website, sharing it through social media and including it in your newsletter! Great video can also be a great meeting opener or closer. And these days, ibooks can include video as well.

If you live in the Rochester area and are interested in learning more about creating great video, consider taking RCTV’s Basics of Videography Course. It’s a four-week class that covers camera operation, lighting, sound and field work.

And if you have a group of business colleagues, group or church members or other organizational acquaintances of four or more individuals who would like to learn more about video, we will come to your organization or place of business and customize the course to your needs.

We’re currently working with a group of marketing and PR professionals from the Strong National Museum of Play, the Memorial Art Gallery and Writers & Books who have collaborated with us to help design a course that meets their non-profit organizations’ needs.

Check out the fun we had today during the class shoot at the Memorial Art Gallery, and watch for their work, coming soon!

Eight Tips for Successful Video and How RCTV Can Help Yours Shine | RCTV Media Center