Strikin' a pose

Camden, Maya, Micayah and Ella on camera

It all started when Jacyn, one of the students who attended the RCTV/ Writers & Books Summer Camp last summer, came up with the idea of doing a kids variety news show.  The idea caught on like, well, krazy among her group of friends, and the planning began.

“We want to give kids the latest update and make them laugh, make it sort of educational,” one girl explained.

“It’s a show for kids. We want adults to think ‘I’m too grownup for that,'” a second girl added with a laugh.

“We want to make kids giggle and laugh,” another chimed in.

If you attend one of the shoots for the show, you’ll find the 10 to 13 year old cast composed of three boys and seven girls doing just that when they aren’t in front of or behind the camera, memorizing scripts or floor managing.

What did they want to get out of doing the show, I wondered.

“We want to get to know each other better, and stay out of trouble. We just want to have fun!”

Although each show will be somewhat different from the next, all of the episodes will have an internet component – from pool pratfalls to cat capers –  specifically designed to get kids laughing.  Audience members will be invited to  join the hilarity by liking and posting their responses and videos to the Krazy Kids Newz facebook page.

In real life, the kids enjoy a variety of different activities, from shopping at Justice and singing music to dancing, reading and studying martial arts, all of which will find their way on to the show in one form or other.

During the second shoot, the segment that most were looking forward to was the two-team lip synch battle, done  to Taylor Swift Tunes, where audience members are asked to vote for the winner.

One of the great things about a show such as this is that the kids who are already comfortable in front of the camera can leverage their talent, and those who are more shy tend to blossom.  And each youth has the opportunity to learn all of the parts required to produce a show, as they move from the roles in front of the camera to those where they are responsible for production.

As for RCTV’s Rashida Burch-Washington, who is the mother of Jacyn, and who produces the show, she hopes the kids will develop a life-long love of producing media and will want to continue producing positive messaging for their peers.

Check out the first episode of Krazy Kidz News!

Krazy Kidz News- Episode 1 from Rochester Community TV on Vimeo.

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