Talkboard by Citrix’s “blank canvas”

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy Talkboard by Citrix ipad app! It’s a fun way for the whole family to create drawings, backgrounds and even to capture, annotate or draw on photos. Along the side of the app is a palate of colors that each comes with three tool sizes – pen, marker and brush, as well as the very essential undo and eraser tools that allow you to erase the last stroke or entire portions of your image.

Once you’re completed your masterpiece, you can share it via text message or mail, include it in an ibook, open it in Acrobat, Kindle, or Composer Pro or upload it to dropbox.

So how might this help someone doing videos? Imagine the background you could create to replace a chroma key green screen, or think of the characters and elements you could draw to become part of your movie*!

In an earlier post, I did a review of Stop Motion Pro. If you notice, one of these images is from the photos I took to do the “Dog Toy’s Life” stop motion animation. Here, I’ve taken that photo and written on it, so these two apps – Stop Motion Pro  and Talkboard by Citrix – can work together to enhance the power of each app.

Talkboard by Citrix is a free app that now is also supported on iphones, model 4s, 5, 6 and 6+.

Review of Talkboard by Citrix Ipad App | RCTV Media Center