Each summer, the City of Rochester has sponsored a Summer of Opportunity Initiative that offers City of Rochester Youth the opportunity to receive job readiness training and hands-on practical experience in diverse areas of employment.

Rochester Community Media Center is proud to host a dozen Summer of Opportunity Interns again this year, as it has done in the past. We have found that these young people are eager to learn and contribute, and they have great, creative ideas!

This year, in addition to learning how to run a tv studio and shoot short films, they’ll also get some hands-on experience in running a radio station. And did we mention, they also have opportunities to have FUN, both on the job, and during some of the extra activities they’re exposed to.

Yesterday, for example, The Art Force 5 came in to do a workshop with the interns from RCTV and from Metro Council for Teen Potential. The Art Force 5 is Drawn to Diversity’s team of creative superheroes. The team wears “five branded aprons that transform individuals into agents of social justice.” Their exercises focus on diversity and show that “superheroes can exist within each of us.”  The exercises, some of which come across as games encourage team building, communication, and an anti-violence, community-building message through problem solving skills.

For example, at one point, puzzle pieces were distributed to everyone in the room, and they were asked not to show their pieces to anyone. The two team leaders were asked to describe the puzzle they  were given, without showing anyone. Participants then followed his or her team leader to the appropriate 12 piece grid, based on the description, and all 11 members, plus the leader who had his own piece, attempted to place themselves in the right position on the grid, based only on verbal descriptions.

As you can imagine, it was definitely an opportunity for laughter and fun!


Summer of Opportunity, Indeed! | RCTV Media Center