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VR Goggles


Rochester Community Media Center (the home of RCTV and WXIR) is celebrating 30 YEARS of  providing the Rochester community with quality television and radio programming, that focuses on local issues and concerns of the residents of our great city. Many of you have even taken advantage of the opportunities to participate in discussions during live programming of these local matters. Thank you Rochester for helping us reach this milestone!

Rochester Community Media Center needs your continued viewing and listening support as well as your monetary support to keep this very popular local programming in operation for another 30 years! Will you consider a gift to celebrate our 30 years serving the Rochester Community? We hope your answer is YES!!! Your monetary gift will support the television and radio operational expenses as we continue our commitment to keeping the residents of Rochester in touch with current, local happenings.

Consider a gift of one dollar for each year, $30 for 30 Years! Larger gifts are certainly encouraged and will be well received. By simply clicking the donate link you can provide your gift today, or you can send your gift by check to ROCHESTER COMMUNITY TV, 21 GORHAM STREET, ROCHESTER, NY 14605. Your gift will be greatly acknowledged.

Let’s celebrate this milestone of 30 YEARS together! Keep listening and continue to spread the word about RCTV and WXIR. We greatly appreciate your support.

VR Goggles
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