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Rochester Community Media is home to RCTV, Spectrum Channel 1301 AND 100.9  FM WXIR.

"RCTV" plays a critical role in democratizing media access in Rochester, NY. Since our founding in 1993, our mission has been to empower a diverse community of individuals with access to media tools, technology, and training — no matter that person's age, gender, sexuality, religion, or heritage.

"WXIR" is Rochester, NY's urban alternative radio station, broadcasting on frequency 100.9 FM in Rochester, NY.

Our members speak for, and to the underserved within our community who often fall beneath traditional media’s radar. It is a lofty mission, and one of which Rochester's beloved Frederick Douglass would, no doubt, have approved."

—Carvin Eison, RCTV General Manager

Our Values

Rochester Community TV, Inc. was founded in 1993 for the purpose of operating Rochester's public access cable television channel. Since then, we've expanded to many other platforms, but our values remain the same:

  • ACCESS: to provide a platform for the free expression of ideas, along with the technology and expertise to share them

  • EDUCATION: to provide high-quality educational programming, with a special focus on health, youth, and local history

  • EQUITY: to uplift and empower members of our community who have been historically-underserved by traditional media


"Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist."

Frederick Douglass

Annual Reports

View our most recent annual reports, including programming highlights, financials, and more.



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