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RCTV staff provides personalized instruction for all experience and age levels. We regularly offer the following classes on production and editing, but we've also taught classes on a range of special topics. If there's something you'd like to learn that you don't see listed below, just ask!

Learn the basics of TV production. Operate TV cameras, audio, and broadcast switcher. RCTV members who complete the class will be certified to use the studio.


TV Studio Production

Learn the basics of video editing using Adobe Premiere. Import files, create clips, use basic effects, and export.


Video Editing

Learn how to see through common propaganda techniques, spot fake news, and fact-check online articles.


Media Literacy

Learn about the latest equipment and best practices for recording, editing, and distributing your podcast.

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Learn the basics of audio editing using Adobe Audition and/or Audacity. Import files, create clips, use effects, mix and export. 


Audio Editing

Drone videography, animation, motion graphics, securing sponsorships, radio journalism, interview technique, and more!


Special Topics

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