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Watch RCTV live! You can also view our broadcast schedule or browse our showcase of award-winning staff productions.


Spectrum Channel 1301
in Rochester, NY

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Staff Showcase

RCTV's talented staff have produced many award-winning documentaries, music videos, and narrative films over the years. Check out a few below, or download our app for your SmartTV to see more.

Clarissa Uprooted (2020)

Winner of 2021 Silver Telly Award and 2021 Alliance for Community Media Hometown Media Award

Produced by Darien Lamen, RCTV Staff Producer

The Ten (2020)

Winner of 2020 Silver Telly Award

Produced by DeAnn De León, RCTV Staff Producer

Frederick Douglass Airport Statue Project (2020)

Winner of 2020 Bronze Telly Award 

Directed by Carvin Eison, RCTV General Manager

Ujamaa Rising (2018)

Winner of 2018 Bronze Telly Award

Filmed and edited by Rajesh Barnabas, former RCTV Staff Producer

July '64 (2006)

Winner of 2005 Bronze Telly Award and 2005 Broadcast Education Association Excellence Award

Directed by Carvin Eison, RCTV General Manager

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