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Frederick Douglass valued education above all else, and he fought for educational opportunities for all people. Famously he said, “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”

It is our pleasure to announce that artist Olivia Kim will be crafting a pair of bronze statues of a young girl and boy representing the carrying-forward of the Douglass legacy by future generations to be placed near the bronze statue of Mr. Douglass in the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.

The installation of the bronze statue of Frederick Douglass, at the newly renamed Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport, has deep significance. When the original Douglass monument was installed in 1899, the first monument in the nation dedicated to the accomplishments of an African American man, it was placed at the main train station near the present-day intersection of St. Paul and Central Avenues. Why? because the Mayor at that time, Mayor Warren, wanted to send a strong message to everyone arriving at the main portal to our city that exclaimed the importance of this man, and our pride in this man — a truth teller, a seeker of justice, a believer in education and raising strong children. A resounding voice for human rights for all people.


Today is no different. When people arrive at the main portal to our city today, this airport, they will see Frederick Douglass and know what we stand for, what we value — the same things now as we did then. Truth. Freedom. Justice, Education and Equity.

We hope that with the help of generous donors like you, we can accomplish this goal to coincide with the installation of the new Frederick Douglass Observatory, now in planning, at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International artist and sculptor Olivia Kim, and in so doing, add your voice to his — and to ours — about what we, the people of Rochester want the world to know that we value.

If you would like to discuss a special gift, please contact Carvin Eison directly at

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If you value what Frederick Douglass stands for, not just in Rochester, New York, but in the entire nation, you can help us by making a gift today, using the PayPal link below.

Or if you prefer to discover more about how your generous gift can help us place a permanent bronze statue and celebrate the Douglass’ life and legacy at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester Airport, please contact:

Carvin Eison



Please make your check payable to Rochester Community Television, or use the PayPal link to pay by credit card. Please send your check to 21 Gorham Street, Rochester, NY 14605.

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RCTV is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Please consult with your tax advisor about the deductibility of your gift.

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