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Black Radio Rochester

“The fact is that the distance between this microphone and the slave plantations from which our race has come - and the difficulties to be overcome in getting from the latter to the former - are by no means slight.”

-Howard W. Coles speaking to Alma Kelso on WSAY Rochester, 1943

The Podcast

"Black Radio Rochester” is a youth-produced podcast series that explores the history of radio in Rochester from 1938 to the present. The project uncovers the stories of pioneering African American broadcasters like Howard Coles and Alma Kelso and the local communities they informed, empowered, and entertained. In the process, youth participants learn about the important role radio has played in fostering social change in their city, while also developing media production and literacy skills.

The Episodes

Listen to the four-part series on demand or on WXIR 100.9 FM. 

The Team