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"SexEd Shorts" Series Tackles Tough Conversations Adults Wish They'd Had As Teens

ROCHESTER, NY -- A new series of informational videos provides a fresh, "youth-centered" approach to sex ed. It's called "Sex Ed Shorts," and it was developed by the City of Rochester's RISE (Reach Inside Strive for Excellence) program in collaboration with former RCTV producer/director DeAnn DeLeon.

The videos feature RISE health educators like Bilel Smith and Selena Ruiz tackling frequently-asked questions about dating, STIs, pregnancy, and more.

The videos were originally envisioned as a way of connecting teens with important sex ed information at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic had closed down other opportunities for engagement.

But even as many in-person programs have resumed, the videos will no doubt continue to play an important role in sparking conversations the program's adult educators wish they'd had as teenagers.

You can check out the series introduction here:


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